Day Long Meditation Retreats

Day-long Meditation Retreats

Insight meditation (Vipassana) is a simple and direct practice based on moment-to-moment awareness, a technique that opens the heart and clears the mind. The Buddha taught this practice 2500 years ago as a central tool for the spiritual path.

“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional”. The Buddha taught that when we resist or cling to things or wish them to be different than how things actually are, we suffer.

Come spend a day in silence, being mindfully present to things the way they are and see what happens! Join Teton Sangha’s Community Dharma Leader,  Nancy Taylor for a day of meditation, silence, walking meditation and dharma talks. Sitting instructions and guided meditation are included.

The daylong retreats are offered for free, a Dana (donation) basket will be available for contributions. Please bring outdoor clothes for walking meditation, a lunch, and a beverage, tea will be provided. If you have a meditation cushion please bring it, a few cushions and yoga props will be available.

Day-long meditation retreats are held twice a year in Jackson. Watch the TS Calendar of Events for upcoming Daylong Retreats.  For more information contact Nancy Taylor at:


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