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Abhayagiri Monastery
In the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho, , Abhyagiri offers retreats and opportunity to self retreat. Located on the north California coast in Redwood Valley.

Access to Insight 
A library of readings from Theravada Buddhism. Search, browse, and download over 600 translated discourses by the Buddha, plus many transcriptions and articles by leading Buddhist scholars. Excellent search function.

Audio Dharma
An archive of talks given by Gil Fronsdal, Andrea Fella and various guest speakers at Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA.

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
An educational organization dedicated to exploring Buddhist thought and practice as a living tradition, faithful to its origins, yet adaptable to the current world. The center provides a bridge between study and practice, between scholarly understanding and meditative insight. It encourages engagement with the tradition in a spirit of genuine inquiry.

Bhavana Society
A community of monastics led by Bhante Gunaratana in the tradiion of Theravadan Buddism of Sri Lanka. Located in rural West Virginia.
The website of Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery in Australia. The website includes a Buddhist education and information network, a library, a world Buddhist directory, resources for study and research in Buddhism.

Dharma Seed Archive
A large collection of audio Dharma talks from most major Theravada Buddhist teachers working today. Dharma Seed has collected talks since the early 1980’s. This website has audio talks given by  Teton Sangha’s teacher,  John Travis, that are not available elsewhere.

Dharma Stream
This is the twice yearly publication of Mountain Stream Meditation Center where John Travis is the guiding teacher. The complete newsletter is published online, with a 4 page version that includes our retreat schedule mailed via USPS.

Dr. Thynn Thynn 
Dr. Thynn Thynn is a Burmese born retired physician and Dhamma teacher. She is mother of two and is the resident yogi at the  Sae Taw Win II Dhamma Center in Sebastopol, CA. One emphasis is meditation in daily life.

Inquiring Mind
A journal of Buddhadharma founded in 1983. Regular contributors include Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Joanna Macy and many prominent Insight Meditation teachers.

Insight Journal Online
The online journal of Barre Center for Buddhist Studies.

Insight Meditation Center
Located in Redwood City, CA, and led by Gil Fronsdal, IMS is a non-residential community based urban meditation center. The website is a treasure trove of information.

Insight Meditation Society
In Barre, MA, this insight meditation retreat center is one of the oldest in the West. IMS is led by co-founders Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Salzberg. Mountain Stream maintains an informal affiliation with IMS.

John Travis’s Website
John Travis’s website has more information about John and his activiites.

Leigh Brasington
Leigh is the lineage holder of Ayya Keema and teaches Jhana practice throughout the United States. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Metta Forest Monastery
Under the guidance of Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Ajaan Geoff), this monastery is located in San Diego County. Laymen and laywomen are welcomed to practice for day visits and overnight retreats.

Mountain Stream
Mountain Stream Meditation has helped give Buddhist meditation a home in this region of the Sierra Nevada in California for twenty-seven years. The kind of meditation practiced is called Vipassana or “Insight” meditation, one of the classic meditation practices in the Buddhist tradition. Traditionally, Theravada and Mahayana are the two main vehicles in Buddhism. Vipassana comes from the Theravada tradition, while Tibetan and Zen Buddhism are part of the Mahayana. Monasteries throughout Sri Lanka, Thailand and Burma have kept Theravada Buddhism alive and this form dates to the original teachings of the Buddha.

MS offers a quiet place for residents of the Northern Sierra Foothills and the many outlying areas to come for meditation instruction, for practice and for community. In 2010, they purchased a unique property for a spiritual center in Nevada City, California.

Our resident teacher and founder, John M Travis first began holding Buddhist meditation groups in the Sierra Foothills in 1986. The groups were very small then and gathered in private homes. Today, meditation groups are meeting in many communities in California and nationwide, and we now serve as a center for the Buddhist community in the Northern Sierra Foothills.

Mountain Stream serves a wide community by offering a variety of meditation retreats. Some are called “daylongs”, of one or two days, others are residential or non-residential retreats where Insight meditation is taught and practiced.


Phillip Moffitt
Includes articles, videos, audios, meditations and book excerpts from Theravada Buddhism teacher Phillip Moffitt. In 2001, Phillip was ordained to teach vipassana meditation. His teaching is influenced by Ajahn Sumedho and his teacher Ajahn Chah. Phillip is the founder of the Marin Sangha in San Rafael, Calif.

Saranaloka Foundation
Estabilished in 2004 in San Francisco to support nuns from Chithurst and Amaravati in England to come to the United States to teach. Resident nuns have taken bhikkhuni ordination.

Shambhala Sun 
A leading Buddhist magazine. Originally founded as an arm of Shambhala, the magazine now focuses on many different Buddhist practices and features the leading Buddhist teachers of the day.

Sierra Retreats 
Sierra Retreats is a Colorado non-profit corporation dedicated to making the dharma (Buddhist teachings) available in Colorado’s Front Range area. They have sponsored meditation retreats since 1990 bringing highly respected Buddhist teachers from throughout the country to teach in a lovely Colorado setting. One of those teachers is John Travis who sits once a year with Sierra Retreats .

Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Insight meditation retreat center in the west, located in Woodacre, CA. Co-Guiding teachers are Jack Kornfield and Phillip Moffitt. Mountain Stream maintains an informal affiliation with Spirit Rock Center.

Spirit Rock News
Published 3 times a year, lists Spirit Rock retreats and has articles from various tachers.

Sutta Readings
Selected suttas read aloud by teachers and senior practitioners in the Theravada tradition.

A leading Buddhist magazine. Features articles from the leading Buddhist teachers of the day. Also has a strong online community.

Turning Wheel Magazine
This is the publication of Buddhist Peace Fellowship, and organization that supports socially engaged Buddhism.

Much of this list provided through the generosity of John Travis and the Mountain Stream Meditation Center.  Please Contact us via email with more suggestions.